Mad cyclists in Copenhagen..

I’ve been waiting for the day to picture a bike accident here in Copenhagen, as nothing can stop the cyclists here, at all, not even the red light.

Today I pictured a crazy pizza delivery guy on his bike, riding towards red! An old man started to cross the payment, it was green light after all, and the pizza guy hit him with the bike, but tried to use his brakes of course. He held his phone in the air, getting agressive to the old man, as if it was his fault. Afterwards, the man was able to walk fine, and luckily didn’t get injured.

This ignorance needs to stop. I’ve seen it so many times, cyclists riding towards red light, thinking they can ride however they want. It’s really really pissing me off, because I’m sure people are getting injured many times because of this.. people who are just walking towards the green light.


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