One step back.. and hopefully two steps forward.

I have taken a step down in my life as an adult. Moved back to my parents. Not for good of course, and not for a lot of months, but until I have sorted myself out.. or until I have found a job and a good place to live, and possibly until I can’t take it anymore.

It seems impossible right now to find a flat for quite a good price anywhere in Europe. I have lived in Stockholm, Malmoe, London, Copenhagen, I’m tired of renting a room in someone elses house. It would be nice to have a little flat for myself, I would love that actually.

I need to get my motivation and joy back. By practicing yoga I think I can do it. Please good lord give me a good job so that I can save some money.

If I had a little more money I would have more options to choose from. However, I have difficulties choosing when there’s too many options, so that might not be the answer? I’m confused..