I’m a Swede currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I lived in London for 6 years before moving to Copenhagen, and miss the UK dearly. It was really great for me to live in a different country for so long, getting to know myself but also to get a needed distance from Sweden. London got a bit too hectic for me, so I decided to move back to Scandinavia for some time.

I love everything about film, and also to take pictures, writing, travelling, adventures, arts, nature, food and yoga. I’m trying to find out which one of these interests I could think of working with fulltime, as I could think of nothing else to work with than art in any kind. Meanwhile, I’m wasting my time working at a call center. :p

My main mission in life at the moment is to find peace. I easily stress and worry about things, which can limit me to enjoy the things that I love the most.
I’m hoping to be able to exress myself in a free spritied way here at WordPress.

Lots of love,